The Evolution of Trust

Web3 ecosystem is stuck in a labyrinth of recurring ideas and a distinct lack of creativity. It overshadows the foundational promises of blockchain, decentralization and innovation.

The way out is clear: technical progress and projects that embrace social and economic impacts. Beyond financial transactions, blockchain must be redefined as a powerful tool that can transform social interaction.

You have made many decisions throughout your life. They have brought you to where you are today. But how aligned were these decisions with your deep beliefs and goals? Or were they just temporary solutions and momentary comforts?

You become friends with your enemies in bad times and enemies with your friends in good times. This alone shows how complicated and dynamic trust is. Trust is no longer just a handshake, a glance, a promise.

Blockchains, smart contracts, digital identities... These are the language of trust in the modern world.

Holding stacks of tokens gives you the power to shape projects, regardless of your experience. Being filled with experience and knowledge but lacking tokens means that your voice is only a whisper in the process.

Each individual carries their own DNA through their thoughts, actions and choices. When individuals combine, a new chemistry emerges. As if in a laboratory, thoughts and actions merge. We are responsible for ourselves and for others. We are all under a collective responsibility.

Nature creates order in chaos; societies are the same. Every seemingly small decision can trigger big events. Are we really improving our decision-making dynamics, or are we just spinning in circles?

We shape the future with our decisions; with the right people and the right projects?

Things evolve over time. The people we trust may change; those who were initially untrustworthy may become trustworthy. Everything evolves or regresses. This is true not only for people, but also for projects, DAOs, communities. Everything is bound by a universal law of change.

Yet human relationships are still old school, eye to eye, heart to heart, but also cold and mechanical. We are evolving into a decentralized world, sure, but our thoughts are still in the molds of centralized systems.

In this new world, we have to rethink what trust means.

We believe that we should not govern by plutocracy, but by merit. Not by authority, but by collaboration. Not by silos, but by diversity. At Clade Club, we envision a new way of decision-making for web3.

  • Point Collector: A voting system inspired by Ray Dalio, collects input from various perspectives, represented metaphorically as "dots".
  • Idea Meritocracy: Gathering a wide range of opinions helps to distribute voting power based on merit and credibility.
  • Social Governance: Live proposals systematically collect dots and build them up over time, allowing more informed decisions to be made.

We believe that true innovation comes from diverse perspectives. And that’s why we build diversity of ideas around one of the core social values: trust.

If our vision inspires trust in you, we would love to hear from you.

-Clade Team

ethglobal istanbul award